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Sooa Natural Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of Aperire, was established in 2009 with 2 online cosmetic shopping malls. In 2013, with 10 years of
‘experiences and know-how in cosmetic development and branding, Sooa launched its own brand, ‘Aperire’.
Based on a variety of data collection and research experiences for years, Sooa came to have the strong faith and philosophy that anyone can have a great skincare effect by using right cosmetics consisting of right ingredients without special technology.
Not only great skincare effects but also beautifully-designed packages, including unique emotional touch of Aperire, are the strong point of
Aperire.At present, Sooa has about 10 products for makeup and skincare and keeps releasing new products. Also, Sooa currently exports its products to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and so on.

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    • November
      - Participated in the Cosmoprof Asia 2018, Hong Kong
    • October
      - Participated in the China International Beauty Expo (Guangzhou)
      - Participated in the 2018 K-Beauty KINTEX Exhibition
      - Participated in the Harbin Asia Pacific Beauty Salon Cosmetics
    • August
      - Launched Aperire DAY DREAM COVER CUSHION
    • March
      - Received China Food and Drug Administration approval


    • October
      - Launched the 5 kinds of Aperire lipsticks
      - Entered the Vietnamese market
    • April
      - Launched the 5 kinds of Aperire functional natural skincare


    • June
      - Awesome brand entered the Hong Kong market (Hong Kong Bodyshop)
      - Established partnership with stores


    • October
      - Established partnership with MEMEBOX's China Division
      - Sold AWESOME CREAM in the Chinese market
    • April
      - Incorporated SOOA Natural Co., Ltd.
      - Registered as a manufacturing distributor
      - Acquired the trademark right on AWESOME BRAND


    • June
      - Launched the house brand of SOOA COSMETICS


    • March
      - Took over CHUNYEON.NET, the online organic cosmetics shop


    • October
      - Established SOOA COSMETICS
      - Opened SKIN ICON, the online cosmetics shop

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